Logo závodu This article summarizes all required informations about the competition, which are neccessary to know before entering the competition. In last week before competition, the Competition Instructions will be issued. In any questions please ask Adam Chromy,, 776 627 692.

Organizer: Czech association of rogaining and mountain orienteering (ČAR) and Adam Chromý & co
Date: 3-4 November 2012
Race character: A two-stage race of pairs. First stage (saturday): mass start, fixed control order (apart from few controls in the beginning which may be taken in any order). Second stage (sunday): The control order is given, pairs are starting with handicap from the previous day. The order on finish line is decisive.
Event centre: El. school Březina (GPS 49°16'55.957"N, 16°45'2.388"E) (show on map)
Terrain: Both step and flat, clear and thick, deciduous and coniferous, simply varied :-)The race does not take place in the same are as Czech championship in relay, no worry about being twice in the same place then.
Classes: Champion classes:
HH – two men, length around 25km both days
DD – two women, length around 18km both days
HD – couples (man and woman), length around 22km both days
HH40 – two men 40years+, length around 22km both days
DD40 – two women 40years+, length around 16km both days
HD40 – couples 40years+ (man and woman), length around 18km both days

Open classes:
P15 – two persons (no other restrictions), just for fun, length around 15km both days
P10 – two persons (no other restrictions), just for fun, length around 10km both days
Conditions of participation:
  • in the Championship, only members of ČAR can start. It is possible to become a member of ČAR for free before the start.
  • participants under 18 years can participate only when accompanied with a person aged at least 18years
  • participants under 15 years must have a written approval from parents (or legal representative)
  • start in open categories is not limited
  • participation in the race is at one's own risk. Everyone has to sign a statement before start
  • participants have to follow the rules of ČAR
Entries: Until 24 October 23:59 on the race website. The payment should be done by this time, as well.
Payments: 1) transfer to this account: 35-2071080297/0100, variable symbol given by the entry system. If you pay more than one entry by single payment, please let us know at and use only one of the given variable symbols.

2) Personally to hands of Adam Chromý or Jára Zimmermann.
Entry fees: before 24.10. 23:59   450 CZK / pair
later                         650 CZK / pair    (there may not be enough maps!)
Punching system: Electronic system SportIdent (SI). The SI card is not transferable, everybody has its own and both contestants must punch the control within the interval of 30 seconds. It is possible to rent the SI card for 30Kč/person.
Map: Modified tourist map without labels and blazed trails. Scale 1:50 000, waterproof
Accommodation: The organizers offers possibility of various types of accommodation both from fri/sat and sat/sun. The sooner you order one, the better choice you have. More info on demand from organizers.
Presentation: Saturday 3 November between 8.00 and 9.30
Start: Saturday 3 November - from 10.00 in waves by to the categories
Sunday 4 November - from 8.30 by the time loss from saturday
Time limit: Both days 7 hours.
Rules: This race follows the rules of ČAR
More info: 1) event website:
2) Adam Chromý,, 776 627 692

Competition area:

Approved by Prezídium ČAR, September 2012.

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